What we do and who we are

Arthur Junior is a young artist's platform in the region of Toggenburg. Arthur Junior travels, inhabits houses and halls, occupies public spaces in Toggenburg and awakens places for contemporary art to life. Arthur Junior exhibits and educates art. It is because Arthur Junior feels strongly about art, that he creates a space for young artists to exhibit their works in the rural area of Toggenburg. But thats not enough for Arthur Junior, therefore he gives children and adolescents the chance to experience and interact with art in a playfull way.

Sirkka Ammann


Originally I come from Wattwil, I now live with Marcel and Maura in Lucerne where I study graphic design. Eating good food with good people and making music I think is great.

Marcel Hörler


I'm an explorer and cyclist and I studied Community Development. I'm good in listening and bad in crocheting. Why Arthur Junior? Because art and society in the countryside is a risky undertaking.

Maura Kressig


I was born and raised in Wattwil. I studied Socioculture in Lucerne. I like travelling, my violin, interesting discussions and of course Arthur Junior.

Hanes Sturzenegger


As a childhood friend of Sirkka and Maura I landed at Arthur Junior. I'm did my art studies in Basel, I like the hills and people in the Toggenburg and I feel admiring houses during train rides as something meaningful.

Julia Wäckerlin


I hold a bachelor in Illustration Fiction and soon I'm going to start a new bachelor. Now I'm doing a balancing act between being a Nanny and being an artist. At the same time I eat tons of avocados and I look forward to summer.